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Rob Cannon, born May 21, 1987 was raised in the Walnut Park neighborhood of St. Louis Missouri… the thing about where we are from is that it shapes and molds us— Walnut Park gave Mr. Cannon Tenacity and it gave him work ethic. 

Prior to his career in Photography, Rob was a music producer & song writer—he even tried his hand at managing talent. Despite flourishing in that chosen career path, his destined path manifested through chance. He purchased his first camera in 2012 as a way to document his music endeavors, he quickly realized that he had an eye for the visual arts and immersed himself into photography. Literally months after his first camera purchase he was being booked for weddings & branding shoots. The more engrossed that Rob became with his camera the more the gears in his mind were spinning—he needed a style, he needed to identify what his audience would be. What separates those whom are successfully living their dreams versus those who merely have a dream is work ethic. Since he has picked up a camera Rob Cannon has taken no days off, he has developed a clean, bold, and vibrant style of shooting through countless hours of research and execution of the craft. After thousands of hours of shooting and experimenting Rob fell in love with the intimacy of up close and personal beauty portraits. With his sights set on fashion, glamour, and beauty he dominates the art of studio photography. He creates edgy concepts and set designs for his models to shine in and his images are as sharp as glass. To view his work or book a session with him check out his website.

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